Having always had, since I can remember, a keen eye for ornament and "sparkly trinkets" my obvious career choice was to become a jeweller.
I successfully completed my B-Tech Degree in jewellery Design and Manufacture in 2008 and setup a bespoke design service as well as developed a range of jewellery inspired by Victorian ornament. I then went on to design custom diamond jewellery for Durban based Company, Vernon White Jewellers.

In 2010, I packed up my life, left Africa and moved back to Europe, after a ten month sabbatical, I landed up in London with the intention to make it my home.
Living in one of the best cities in the world, bursting with fashion, art and design from every culture possible, I cant help but feel excited about the future of my career!
I currently work for Tateossian London and in my spare time am focusing on developing a new range of accessories and reigniting my creative energy through painting, illustration and hopefully a ceramics class or two!
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