Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snowblossom Ring

There was no avoiding making this Blossom ring, at the time I was still trying to avoid anything botanical and go in a direction that was more about pattern and repetition.But this ring happened so easily and looked so eye catching, I finished it played around with colour finishes like blackening and an acid white effect ( I liked the starkness the black and white gave to my work ) and put it away, not giving it much thought.
In hindsight this ring has a special place in my body of work, I love the fact that its so large and that it really looks like a lace flower.
Its strange how you can do things your not consciously aware of and then they turn out to be important milestones.
This ring is important to me as, although it doesn't have any obvious historical references, it's beauty and effectiveness lies in the fact that hard metal can look like delicate lace.
It also seems to be quite a hit in my Etsy shop so it clearly catches the eye.Something I would like all my pieces to do, to emulate uniqueness

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