Sunday, May 25, 2008

Neo Victorian VS Victoriana...

Have been thinking about the term Victoriana and how it relates to my work, according to wikipedia :

"Victoriana" tends to reflect the tastes of the period. Examples in literature might be Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist or Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla, stories which strongly reflect the moral atmosphere of the time. In the case of objects, a military tailcoat, carriage clock or scrollwork on an iron gate might be considered Victoriana if they were made at the time, in the style characteristic of the Victorian age.

Objects that look Victorian but are not of the time—for example, a gothic-style waistcoat made in the 1990s—would not qualify as Victoriana, having been made outside the relevant period, but instead Neo-Victorian.

"Neo Victorian" is :
An ├Žsthetic movement which amalgamates Victorian and Edwardian ├Žsthetic sensibilities with modern principles and technologies. A large number of magazines and websites are devoted to Neo-Victorian ideas in dress, family life, interior decoration, morals, and other topics.
Examples of crafts made in this style would include push-button cordless telephones made to look like antique wall-mounted phones, CD players resembling old time radios, Victorianesque furniture, and Victorian era-style clothing with Goth, Punk and Rivet accents.

The Neo Victorian concept is a big part of my work, I love all manner of things that look to the past for inspiration and I hope I to achieve this with the jewellery I design.

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