Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sam Browns Food&Fashion Show

I have had so much going on that finding time to post and do a little blog spring cleaning has not been easy!
But Im here and have been the whole weekend setting up shop over at etsy which Ill post about later, as well as organizing my Flickr page which I am soooo excited about!
But all that is for later, first I want to share with u the event I did last Tuesday with the stunning Lisa Williams, owner of Sam Browns, a great restaurant at Gateway.They had a ladies night with fabulous food, fashion and of course JEWELLERY!

The clothes were from Jess of JLT Design, she does lovely, feminine, day wear and handbags, My collection of jewellery and her clothes were worn by models that mingled in between the tables, where the ladies could view the items on sale up closely whilst sipping fresh fruit vodka cocktails.
Later on during their 4 course meal I set up a showcase of goodies and made a few sales.
The event proved to be quite a success, considering it was our first one,Im sure we will get better and better!

1 comment:

L'Atelier said...

Looks like lots of fun. Did go to your etsy and it looks really amazing- congrats :)

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