Monday, September 19, 2011

The fruits of yesterday's labour

I took some pics this morning of the ink drawings I did yesterday, once again I am loving the cobalt blue, need to get on to some watercolouring efforts..
These doodles are the result of my explorations of the Portuguese "azulejo" these blue and white tiles are a typical aspect of Portuguese culture and have been produced without interuption for five centuries, they were applied to walls, floors and even ceilings and covered everything from houses and palaces to churches.
The area I am most interested in is "Aves e Ramagens" - Birds and Branches, a style that became popular between 1650 and 1680. These designs were influenced by the representations on printed textiles imported from India that depicted Hindu symbols, flowers, animals and birds.
At this time the trend for the Dutch blue and white Delft style was also introduced to Portugal, this trend became so popular it never left and rooted itself so deeply in the way the Portuguese azuleijo was made and designed.
More on this to follow I am sure but for now..... my doodles.

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