Saturday, September 17, 2011

When the objective is Adornment

When is too much, enough? and too little not enough?
Starting at the very begining and asking questions like what use we have for any form of adornment and picking up where I left off in terms of my B-Tech research, I have settled near or around the topic of folk art - a term I use as loosely as I am allowed to.
According to that great source of quick modern referencing Wikipedia (insert my old course lecturer's gasp of despair here) folk art "encompasses art produced from an indigenous culture or by peasants or other laboring tradespeople. In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic."
With these thoughts in mind I am exploring the links elaborately detailed art has with folklore and storytelling, with my own heritage and its goldsmithing techniques and yet again looking to the pages of history to help me better understand my ever changing design style.
 One giant thought stands out in my mind already and that is that in my past work, I was persuing an almost selfish aesthetic where I created jewellery with no real intrinsic value other that its classic beauty.
If I am to touch on the topic of folk art, I already have the task of exploring and creating with a deeper meaning and use of the object in mind....

Just a few notes on the thoughts that are swimming around in my head..... and I welcome them.

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