Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Metal Lace"

These are the matching, more commercial looking bangles they are very stylish and unique looking and seem to be getting a lot of positive attention.

This piece was inspired by the stunning and intricate diamond chokers that were worn in the Victorian Era.It turned out to be quite effective and eye catching and definitely keeps your neck straight and up right!!
The dress in the first decade of the 20th century ( Belle Epoque ) relied heavily on the use of lavish materials; cascades of lace applied to every part of the gown, complemented by plumes and ostrich feathers.The focal point was the neck and decollete, which, during the dayw as concealed by an array of lace, tulle and straight collars tightly fitted by means of boning. At night, however, extravagantly low cut decolletes were revealed and suitably adorned by a multitude of diamond necklaces and chokers that resembled lace work.

The next piece that I dedicated some time on although it took me quite a while to complete (as i stopped and started) was the "lace" effect choker and matching bangles.

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