Thursday, February 7, 2008

Synth Smoky Quartz pendante

This piece I am keeping for my b-tech work although its currently decorating the neck of my mother. I only need it at the end of the year anyway so it doesn't matter. Its a variation of the "Victorian Brooch" piece. Ive had this lovely large synthetic smoky quartz for some years now and never knew what to do with it, while I was making the first piece this one popped up in my mind and I had to do it!
I tried it out with the cultured pearls but it seemed too over the top as the stone is 25x18mm, quite large. So I kept it simple and made a matching bail cut from a section of the same patterned metal and left out all the detail like the tiny fused balls and extra stones.
I am currently making one for a customer but with synthetic Peri dot, pale green definitely gives it a new twist and is reminding me that if I am to leave frosty Winter behind and let Spring in with all its colour and light and hope!I better start letting some bright colours creep onto my bench and see what i can make of them!

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