Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Vodacom Durban July Races......

Things have been sorted and have managed to save all my pics from destruction!!!
Have quite a busy week ahead but will still make extra effort to blog as much as I can in order to get ontop of everything.
I do have one last piece of interesting news before I tell u about the July though, I sent some pics of my bench and workspace over to Modish they have this wonderfully inspiring section called "handmade Spaces" I would love to be part of it ... so Im holding thumbs!!
This past weekend was the July and I just have to post some pics of everyone as we had such a great day I even won R400 on Dancers Daughter! who came in 1st place but tied wuth another horse! What a great day ..... so much fun !Megan Coleman Miss SouthAfrica 2007 wore one of my larger pieces for the day but dont have a picture yet!
So here are a couple of my friends and I enjoying the day .... note my gorgeous jewels.... as well as Kaitlins!

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