Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Location, location,location....

I just cant get enough of these stunning pictures taken by Vogue photographer Tim Walker, they are so beautiful, feminine and theatrical. I would love my photos to be like these, although perhaps a little less grand!

Click here to see a quick clip of Tim's thoughts on " Whats Inside Vogue? "

We are in the process of organizing a photographer, etc and things are looking quite positive but it may take a while to get organized and decided on. Haven’t found a location yet but was wanting to go take a look around the Durban Botanical Gardens as I seem to remember there being a thickish sort of Frangapany tree “Forest” in one corner of the gardens and as its winter now the trees shouldn’t have any leaves so it would kinda look like a forest of bare grey trees..... As outside can be lovely but comes with a whole range of problems such as weather, light, etc. Im not sure if this will be suitable, will have to go check it out.

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Michelle Pujol said...

Hey Sofia

I'm sure i told you, but i love these photo's

Your blog is looking fantastic

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