Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heaven made of Metal!!!! and Again!

This talented and super inspiring jewellery designer also from Glasgow, Scotland was the person that inspired me to Blog,when I found her amazing and well written blog last year,I thought, I want That!I want to be a part of that world!!
So a year later thanks to Abigail Percy Im here and Oh So happi!

It was through finding Abigail’s blog that I was inspired to create my own blog.

Abigail Percy designs ultra feminine, botanical / floral jewellery that is based around the play of silhouette and positive and negative spaces. Her main source of inspiration is found in the silhouettes and motifs she designs that stem from activities such as photography and leaf pressing. Abigail’s use of embellished motif is very different to my approach but I find the way she incorporates natural imagery into her designs, fresh and inspiring.

"My work is inspired by a personal love and fascination for historical repeat pattern design, particularly floral. I love to spend time sourcing natural imagery to interpret into jewellery, and like nothing better than rumaging for beautiful vintage design at flea markets abroad."

I just have to say how amazing I think it must be to go to art school in Glasgow!
All my favourite designers are from Scotland, Glasgow must be a little design center Haven in itself.

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