Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sofia Antonovich

I have also just come across Sofia Antonovich's wonderful vinyl decals, they are available in many styles and colours but I like the old fashioned ones of French imperial furniture, picture frames and chandeliers!
U can find her at sofiaantonovich although when u click the link the page doesn't load so just google her images and they come up.
I found her whilst searching for images of silhouettes for my final year exhibition in November ..we each set up our work in its own environment and i want to paint the silhouettes of a chandelier and some photo frames on the wall. A piece of jewellery will "sit" in each frame.
I really enjoy the modern \ old fashioned mixing up of references that these silhouettes create and the use of strong bold colour whether it be black or pink really makes an impact! The idea is so current and fashionable, I wish I could fill my flat with them!!and am so glad with the idea of painting the images as the actual items (frames) would be kind of fussy and of course I would never be able to hang a chandelier!!!
So inspired!


L'Atelier said...

Wow really inspiring- love your idea of painted frames with jewellery!
your jewellery will look perfect with this!!!
my blog is ok- i still get into my down mood where i think its rubbish and i should delet it, but i also enjoy the whole writing and photo process so i just keep going. thought of you today actually :) and your beautiful jewellery! cant wait to see your frames :D

L'Atelier said...

HELLO! I tagged you! please read the details on my blog and join, its fun.

redframe said...

Oh how I love these! I ordered a chandelier from blik, still waiting to own a smooth wall to stick it on... Very tempted to add to the collection-in-limbo!

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