Sunday, October 12, 2008

Plodding along.....

I'm alive!
I haven't deserted my little blog just yet but there has been so much on the go, I'm not managing to keep up with my posts.I actually have so much to blog about I don't know where to start, last Monday I moved into my new studio space at Euforia.
A great shopping experience all under the roof of a Victorian House with the different rooms being outlets for different shops. Euforia's concept is to create a space for young and existing designers in Durban to market their work and also to introduce a culture of street markets. Funky labels include Soulskin, Miss Moneypenny, Nicky Savage Jewellery and Black Pepper. The idea has expanded to incorporate a 2nd hand book store called Last Chance Books as well as a Deli with lots of yummy treats! All in 1 big house!!! and at the back is my lovely new work space that I am renting from Nicky (its her workshop) So nice to be with other people as I'm not used to working alone and Ive heard that it takes some getting used to!
Will take some pics tom and post them for u all to see.I love it, the light is amazing, the space is amazing everything is organized and happy! I'm happy!At the same time as all this is going on I am writing my RR which is going well, sometimes slow but all in all it not that tough!

Am also working on new bits and pieces for my next showing that I some how have to fit in at the end of the month as well as my final exhibition for Tech which is in the 1st week of November !
Never been one to work well under pressure, am hoping I can keep the wheels from falling off just a little bit longer!
Times are changing and I guess I must change with them!

I can't blog without mentioning the alarming crisis the world financial markets are going through and all the implications that we all could possibly face, especially as mine is a luxury product! Times are tough but luckily South Africa has not been affected too much by the turmoil ( Political and Social crisis happen daily in our country, we have our own set of problems)
I watch the news in anticipation of the next big plummet but I hope the world can turn the corner very soon!For my sake and yours!As young entrepreneurs we can only pay attention and stay positive!



Carol said...

Hi Sophia

Love your jewellery. Just wanted to tell you I have linked to your blog.


L'Atelier said...

looks like a great venue! looking forward to see how you doing your own space :)

Freshly Found said...

So good to know we have such talent in Durban! Hopefully will take a trip down the hill soon to see your space!

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