Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carla Nuis.... pierced, patterned wonders

One of the first designers that I found I could identify with was Carla Nuis, her exciting, intricate gold, silver and bronze designs are based on transforming the perception one has of decorative ornament in general. “ My approach brakes with the traditional idea of ornamentation being a supplementary matter “.
Carla chooses to enhance the intricate delicacy of her designs by transforming the patterns into openwork three dimensional jewellery objects that suggest the historic tradition of filigree.

I found this designers work at a time when it was necessary to explore what others do in the same field, it was wonderful to see the similarities my work had with such a well known cutting edge artist of the jewellery design field and although Carla’s work is the result of a complex process of computer aided design and laser cutting (adding a more delicate level to her work ) and mine is created through the process of casting and piercing by hand we have both come up with a design that is very similar if not the same.

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L'Atelier said...

That's amazing! And yes you right-your work is similar.
Eventhough I love her work, I do appreciate yours possibly more- I have never seen either in real life, so its a guessing game- I find that things that are carefully crafted by hand have a more interessting and more precious quality, than things that are produced en grand, how ever beautiful, perfect or delicate the endresult is.
hope all is going well on your side xx

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