Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heaven made of Metal!!!! Again!

Another of my favourite designers is DONNA KEAY:

Another artist who’s work I strongly admire is Donna Keay2 , her simple yet intricately patterned sterling silver jewellery is inspired by historical jewels, antique books and gold-tooled book-cover patterns. By way of using simple panels or segments of these etchings she aims to convert these themes into contemporary, wearable jewellery.


The difference of her work to mine lies in the simplified, geometrical manner that she uses to translate pattern into jewellery. The manipulation of pattern in the lace like effect of my work is created through the use of multiple pierced elements that were cast, whether Donna’s process of photo-etching allows textured layers of the remnants of historical pattern or text to be reproduced on metal. The outcome of a final piece is quite different although we both use repetition of historical pattern and motif as inspiration.

Having trouble uploading images of her work will try again later but for now pls use the link to her website to browse her entire collection

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