Friday, August 22, 2008

"New Baroque" and why it still rocks...

Have been thinking about the concept of “New Baroque” and how it relates to my work,My understanding of this theme is a cross of old fashioned detail and embellishment such as flocked wallpaper, wood carvings, cast iron gates and fencing, lace and embroidery (there is a wonderful and vary inspiring blog called Paris Apartment that has some great examples) with a 21st century design or style.

Funky French Imperial Plastic furniture by Jasper Van Grootel as well as stunning fashion like the Vogue shoot Annie Leibovitz did with Kirsten Dunst reminds one of the past but still has a taste for the present are hugely inspiring to me and I love finding new examples of this kind of cross pollination.

I really enjoy the cteative photo shoots that fashion magazines put together and want to explore doing my own kind of shoot.
I really think a brochure or catalogue would make a difference in my sales, I want to work on printing my own and a shoot would be a good way to come up with some fabulous pics.
The fantastic and wonderfully talented fashion designer Kathrin Kidger has a range that I think, will complement my jewellery.Kathrin’s clothes are modern and comfortable with a vintage twist.Her designs fuse old school glamour and elegance with with a touch of eclecticism in a most exciting way and its going to be lovely styling both her clothes and my jewellery together in new and inspiring ways!
Ill keep you posted with updates on this idea, as we have to find a model, photographer and location in order to do things properly.

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