Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 08 Showing...-

My little blog has been neglected for a while now and I have fallen behind on a couple of posts, which I hope to make up for this week.

The showing I had been working so hard on, was last Friday it was a lovely day but less fruitful than my previous showings, I had quite a few sales but didn't make the target I made from the last one.

I have come to a few CONCLUSIONS :

- Previous showings were directed at stay at home moms and older ladies, Friday afternoons seemed to be a perfect time to gather them all for tea, cake and jewellery shopping. So when I set the date for working 20 to 35 year olds I thought Fridays would still be best, I was wrong. Most of the people that R.S.V.P ‘d, were working and were going to try to get off early - the turn out was poor, It’s important to pay attention to your target market and make sure the time and date are suitable.

- Its much better to have the event at someone else's house and not your own - less pressure to cater, entertain e.t.c. The last one I held was particularly more difficult ( at my house ) - initially, it seemed it would be easier, I could organize everything and do whatever I wanted but as it turned out there is just too much to do-better to keep having them away from home.

- It’s important, although costly, to have doubles of everything as if you sell an item at the very beginning, you either have to send it off and not have anymore sales from it or ask to deliver it within the next couple of days, which is even more work and may compromise the sale.

- Branding is key, people like to feel like they are buying a label, even if you are only starting out it’s important to make an effort and be organized. I need more boxes that fit all my pieces properly, I love the lime green and turquoise organza ribbon ones I have now, but they aren’t suitable for the larger items and branded gift bags are next on my list.

- As a young entrepreneur / artist you feel ill equipped to go out and sell your product! Being confident in what you have hand made your self, smiling and engaging with the customer, can make or brake a sale. Mingling is the key to feeling relaxed and confident, confidence is the key to selling.

All in all it was a good day I’m happy, I worked very hard but each time I learn something new and see thing from a different perspective, which i suppose is progress in itself!

Hope the start to your week is super Productive!

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