Monday, August 4, 2008

A week has gone by already and I hardly know where!Its been so busy, Ive been doing so many things at once...
My platinum piece is coming along nicely,Im using the competition as a springboard to work on another design style, so that, Im
hugely excited about that! As this is a competition I cant show u the
design, all I can do is give u a sneak peak later on and tell youIm
working on a pair of earrings that should be finished today just need
to make some more wire,which I confess I have been putting off....

My next showing is this Friday the 8th and I have so much to do, Im feeling rather overwhelmed...
would like this is to be my last showing for this collection, in an
ideal world - time wise - I would like to do this last one,in order not
to have to worry about money and then take some time off to write and
really get stuck into it as this pottering around doing a little bit at
a time actually just makes me more unorganized and unproductive than ever!
After that I could focus on playing with my new range....
That's all for now,
I bid u a productive day!and leave u with one of the new pieces for Friday...

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