Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How do you Do ?!

Tonight whilst browsing my blog, sorting out what posts I can use in my RR (only 3 weeks to go!) and yes ! I am feeling the stress! I clicked on my feedjit and remembered that lately Ive seen quite a few direct arrivals on my blog! Which is so exciting!Whoever you are, Welcome! Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable!
I've been blogging for a while now and although I've a made a couple of contacts I would love more! To get to know inspiring, creative individuals that want to share their thoughts, opinions and work.

So to all of you DIRECT ARRIVALS ( yes New York New York/ Victoria British Columbia/ Fort Worth Texas / London LOndon and Portland Maine!, next time you drop by, introduce yourself!
It could be the beginning of a long and creative FRIENDSHIP!



redframe said...

Hi Sofia! Found your gorgeous jewellery (and thus you) via primadonnabride. Quite new to this sphere but very excited to finally hook up with some fab fellow south africans!

marthalena said...

Hi Sofia! I'm Martha and I'm frequent lurker. Usually I'm in L.A. but I was in Victoria, B.C. staying with my mom for a month there. Since you totally busted me, I thought I'd say 'hi' and tell you how much I love your beautiful blog. Okay -- back to lurking. But just know your posts are really enjoyed!!

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